Launching soon! Podcast Real Talk with Sudhanya

In this podcast, meet real people with real stories who turned their pain to power.

Hi! My name is Sudhanya, and I am the host of the podcast. If you are wondering why I started this initiative or why should you hear ‘Real talk with Sudhanya’ in a world where there are enough podcasts, I have a simple intention: To breathe in life into our souls - in short, inspire! 

I have been struggling for many years to speak up about topics that I really care about, rather spent decades giving technical presentations in the corporate world. I like it still but realized it doesn’t bring me holistic fulfillment. 

As a seeker of truth, I have an intense curiosity to broaden awareness through real stories & real people. To be authentic. But that needs courage. Courage to confront harsh truths, introspect unseen biases and being open to new ideas. 

As a student and teacher of Emotional Intelligence, I encourage people to communicate with a balanced heart & mind, to speak our truths. But I know how tough it is to practice this preach. I challenged myself to put this into action, the habit of communicating with guards down and hence hosting this podcast means a lot to me. 

As I write this introduction, I have already shot 8 episodes with some incredibly inspiring guests, and I have already noticed a shift inside me, to be more real. And now it's your turn! Are you ready?